Pilates Classes 

Debbie has taught Pilates since 2003.   She’s a well established instructor with regular weekly classes based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  She loves sharing her knowledge & experience; creating a safe place for people to learn, grow and relax.   You can choose to join Pilates matwork classes (run as 8 week blocks) or try aerial Pilates classes.  Click on the link to the right for the website or email direct for any questions.

email:   pilateswithdebbierobbins@gmail.com


Pilates with Debbie Robbins

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Air Control Pilates

Pilates teacher training

Air Control Pilates  

Debbie started teaching aerial Pilates classes in Edinburgh in 2013.  After much consideration, and a highly successful tour across Scotland with ‘In Her Shadows’, Debbie is proud to be launching Air Control Pilates teacher training for Pilates instructors in January 2016.

This journey began whilst Debbie was training in aerial arts and teaching Pilates at the same time, trying to find a balance and understanding in both of her trainings.   She found that there was a place for this new art form that combines a beautiful balance of requiring strength, awareness and learning to release whilst being suspended mid air.  She’s excited about this new path and the journey it will take!

**This is teacher training for Pilates instructors to learn how to teach aerial Pilates.