In Her Shadows Masterclass

‘From the Object to the Screen’
As part of IN HER SHADOWS project

Date:  Friday 10th January 2014
Time:  10-4pm
Where: North Edinburgh Arts
Cost:  £40

This cross art-form masterclass focuses on the individual techniques of dance/aerial, object manipulation and audio-visual artistry and the merging of these art forms through creation and play.  Splitting off into three small groups and changing throughout the day, everyone will work on the different mediums offered below:


Dance/Aerial group will explore dance and movement in and around aerial equipment and the use of physicality in casting shadows, or how simply a gesture can tell a story.

Object Manipulation group will experiment with the manipulation of objects and selected materials in order to spark imagination and convey ideas and meaning.

Audio-Visual group will play with how technical equipment can be used for artistic expression and how ideas can be projected onto a screen, through a photograph or with abstract light.

Aimed at emerging artists and theatre professionals with experience in one or more of these techniques and an interest in cross art-form collaboration.

We will divide groups depending on experience; so if you’ve never touched upon puppetry, aerial or AV before you’ll be in safe hands. This is a professional masterclass in cross art-form collaboration therefore the focus will be about the creative process. Rather than us teaching you exactly what to do, we’d like to spend the time giving you the tools so that you have the freedom to experiment whilst merging art forms, perhaps some that are completely new!

Comments from the masterclass

“It was real fun to work with you guys today.  Awesome!!!
Awesome warm-up Debbie! Detailed, thorough and hard enough – without killing anyone right at the start of the day.  Focused on the needed muscle groups and everything was well explained.
Awesome sets and equipment and I’m delighted we got to play with them all. Thank you so much for that!
Fantastic and inspiring object exercise from Rachel, a very nice approach towards puppetry.
I could spend a whole week looking at Robbie’s visual ideas.
Also: it was a great group of people to work with, everyone brought something unique to the mix, this masterclass was a true inspiration. Thank you all.

Enjoy the rest of the creative project,
Good luck with the showing!”