Quotes from Media Reviews


“Today I learnt a new language, a language full of vigour and candour, which beautifully portrays the hugeness of depression, and tenderly soothes and nurtures at the same time. In Her Shadows is fantastic. Words fail me.”

Tom Grayson


“Her [Jenny Lindsay] mercurial words, echoed in the dance sequences (choreographed by Ethelinda Lashley), resonate with hopes, glooms and defiant grit – a bravura end to a valiant show.

The Herald


“In Her Shadows is to be applauded. Not only does it bring depression out into the open, but it also suggests a means of coping with it”

The Scotsman


“The poem, the movement, the music and the lighting all combine to create a poignant piece which bravely tackles a difficult subject.”

TV Bomb


“what otherwise might have been viewed as merely a series of impressive circus tricks, is elevated to something that has an expressive content and meaning.”

Edinburgh Guide


I would highly recommend this show to gain a deeper understanding of depression. FIVE STARS

Mumble Dance