Research & Development

We successfully received funding from creative scotland and launched a kickstarter campaign to fund the research and development project in 2013

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In Her Shadows was a three week collaborative research and development project to explore the many possibilities when combining cross art forms. Together we explored techniques of aerial dance, shadow casting and projection.

This project was about having time and space to develop cross art-form collaborations and the time to fully maximise the potential of each individuals’ skills and experience in order to develop an artistically ambitious piece of aerial theatre.


The Team

  • Debbie Robbins aerialist and dancer from A Blank Canvas
  • Rachael Macintyre aerialist and puppeteer from Jabuti Theatre
  • Robbie Thomson audio visual artist from 85a Collective
  • Sarah Bebe Holmes aerial choreographer from Paper Doll Militia 
  • Ben Harrison theatre director from Grid Iron

With Thanks

** Special Thanks to the following people who kindly donated via our KICKSTARTER campaign **

Carlton Solle
Andy Agnew
Vendetta Vain
Mandy Fitzsimmons
Mary Walters
Ken Hare
Ron Fitzherbert
Get Down Dog
Ben Collis
Lorna Gibson
Mark Gibson
Julia McGhee
Ashleigh Blair
Kim Bergsagel
Adelina Rakhimova
Caroline Whitson
Tiphaine Dalmas
Ruth Macintyre
Isobel Bruun-Kiaer
Ni-ru Dorrian
Lee Gunn
Daniel Bergsagel
Adam Shepherd
Joette Thomas
Penny Johnstone
Emily Nicholl
Greg Stroud
Mark K Mondol
Donna Kelly
Claire Laverty
Lynne Sneddon
Dominika Kovacova
Jennifer Paterson


The Outcome

At the end of this project we performed In Her Shadows as a work-in-progress in Edinburgh, Scotland on both 31st January & 1st February 2014.  Watch it here….In Her Shadows